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non port: editors/vim/pkg-plist-tiny

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Sat, 3 Sep 2022
[ 18:03 Adam Weinberger (adamw) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:a058c61ea36c0cb64a61c83563b55a157cf549f4  commit hash:a058c61ea36c0cb64a61c83563b55a157cf549f4  commit hash:a058c61ea36c0cb64a61c83563b55a157cf549f4  a058c61 
editors/vim: Update to 9.0.0369, and drop the FreeBSD vimrc

Our FreeBSD vimrc has caused a lot of trouble. It seriously mangles
config loading order (see below PR for the 21 comments it took before
I could get my head around it), clobbers defaults, duplicates defaults,
and simply isn't how Vim does things.

In this patch, the system vimrc is dropped entirely. Instead,
$VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim sources $VIMRUNTIME/defaults_freebsd.vim, which
contains only FreeBSD-specific settings (today, a convenience augroup
for port creation, and a flag to let syntax/sh.vim know that /bin/sh
isn't bash).

There is no perfect solution here, but by not clobbering anything
anymore, we at least don't *prevent* other solutions. You now get Vim's
defaults, and you are free to override them in your ~/.vimrc.

PR:		251420
Thu, 2 Sep 2021
[ 06:36 Adam Weinberger (adamw) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  620f205 
editors/vim: Flavorize and update to 8.2.3394

This commit completely rewires the vim ports. It includes the following:

* `vim' is now a TUI-only package. It is what the `vim-console' port

* `vim-gtk3' includes the TUI binary (vim) and a GTk3-backed GUI. It is
  what the `vim' port was.

* Each GUI toolkit has a separate package. There is vim-gtk3, -gtk2,
  -motif, -athena, and -x11.

* `vim-tiny' is still the same thing, except it includes a defaults.vim
  stub to silence a startup error message.
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Number of commits found: 2