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non port: editors/vim-tiny/pkg-descr

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Thu, 2 Sep 2021
[ 06:36 Adam Weinberger (adamw) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  commit hash:620f205539a43fd8da97750d33eebdfc1e133330  620f205 
editors/vim: Flavorize and update to 8.2.3394

This commit completely rewires the vim ports. It includes the following:

* `vim' is now a TUI-only package. It is what the `vim-console' port

* `vim-gtk3' includes the TUI binary (vim) and a GTk3-backed GUI. It is
  what the `vim' port was.

* Each GUI toolkit has a separate package. There is vim-gtk3, -gtk2,
  -motif, -athena, and -x11.

* `vim-tiny' is still the same thing, except it includes a defaults.vim
  stub to silence a startup error message.
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Thu, 11 Jan 2018
[ 20:34 adamw search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:458788
Chase the vim-lite -> vim-console rename
Mon, 8 Jan 2018
[ 19:44 adamw search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:458471
Add editors/vim-tiny.

By popular request, this is a slave port that installs only the vim binary. It
no dependencies, produces a 1 MB package with a 3 MB installed footprint, and
is unable to do anything except edit files. It contains no help files, no
files, no syntax highlighting, no filetype-specific indenting, non-US keymaps,
macros, or spell-checking.

vim-tiny is designed for minimal installs, and is the wrong choice for most

Number of commits found: 3