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Wednesday, 8 Mar 2023
04:53 Don Lewis (truckman) search for other commits by this committer
editors/openoffice-4: Upgrade to 4.1.14 and unbreak

Upgrade openoffice-4 to version from 4.1.12 to 4.1.14 and unbreak.
The "invalid use of @return" build failure has come and gone probably
due to some other changes to ports.

Release notes for 4.1.14:
Release notes for 4.1.13:

Add USE_GNOME=gdkpixbuf2xlib which now seems to be necessary.

Simplify the port by always using the bundled vigra and boost rather
than making this compiler version dependent.  The bundled versions
work (better) with modern clang in -std=gnu++98 mode.  Also, an
upcoming version of boost will require c++14 mode.  The bundled
boost needs a minor patch to work with modern clang in this mode.

Add upgrade advice to pkg-message.

Security:	6678211c-bd47-11ed-beb0-1c1b0d9ea7e6
commit hash: c36f76c2297b7294e24a9adce8b1b3a4105dd2c1 commit hash: c36f76c2297b7294e24a9adce8b1b3a4105dd2c1 commit hash: c36f76c2297b7294e24a9adce8b1b3a4105dd2c1 commit hash: c36f76c2297b7294e24a9adce8b1b3a4105dd2c1 c36f76c
Tuesday, 13 Aug 2019
16:03 mat search for other commits by this committer
Convert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories e-g)
Original commitRevision:508837 
Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017
02:09 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Add PowerPC64 support.  [1]

Add a section to pkg-message mentioning that spell check dictionaries
for the desired languages should be installed.  [2]

PR:		215130, 212103
Submitted by:	Curtis Hamilton <> [1]
Submitted by:	Arrigo Marchiori <ardovm AT> [2]
Original commitRevision:432309 
Thursday, 29 Oct 2015
16:29 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade to Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2

  * Release Notes:

  * Bug Fixes: <>

  * Improvements / Enhancements

    o Several distinct enhancements were applied to the WebDAV
      management and file locking: OpenOffice is now able to properly
      interact with Microsoft Sharepoint, enabling a more productive
      usage in corporate-level environments. These enhancements were
      funded, and contributed upstream, by the Emilia-Romagna regional
      administration (Italy), where OpenOffice was adopted a few years

    o The PDF export dialog was redesigned for better usability on small
      laptop screens.

    o Underlying libraries for the solver and digital signing
      functionality have been updated, for better performance and
      increased security.

    o OpenOffice 4.1.2 fixes security vulnerabilities. See:
      Note: CVE-2015-1774 was previously fixed in the FreeBSD port.

  * Removed/Retired Features

    o Support for the ancient .hwp file format was retired.  This was
      a rarely used format created with versions of the program named
      "Hangul Word Processor" prior to 1997; therefore impact on users
      is expected to be minimal.  The few users who have files in the
      .hwp format should convert them to ODF using Apache OpenOffice
      4.1.1 before upgrading.

Nuke the patches or the parts of patches that have been committed

Add an option to build and install the SDK and disable it by default.
The port has been building it all along, but not installing it.  We
save only a small amount of time by not building it, but installing it
would require about 70 MB of extra space space.  The FreeBSD port has
been patched to allow building the SDK with OpenJDK8.

Add an option to build and install the Wiki Publisher extension.  If
it is enabled, it is now handled as an integrated extension, so the
user does not have manually use the extension manager to track it down
and install it.

Tweak an existing script to install the icons instead of using a bunch
of complicated code in the Makefile.  Add USES=shared-mime-info.

Nuke some unused targets in Makefiles.others.  The SDK is now explicitly
handled as an option, and the Uno Runtime Environment hasn't had the
capability for separate installation in quite some time.

Nuke an extraneous "-" from the tar command when unpacking the
installation archive during staging.
Original commitRevision:400472 
Saturday, 26 Sep 2015
07:40 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Add Caladea and Carlito fonts.  They are metrically equivalent to some
Microsoft fonts and the proper definitions within OpenOffice have been
added so that they are recognized as such. [1]

The Linux ports handle the mapping from the printeradmin command to the
spadmin executable in the shell wrapper.  Do the same in the FreeBSD
port rather than munging the printeradmin.desktop file.  Retain the
spadmin link to the wrapper for backwards compatability.

The setofficelang command went away a long time ago.  Remove it from
the shell wrapper and remove the link.

Exec the OpenOffice executables from the wrapper so that the shell for
the wrapper doesn't hang around as an extra process until OpenOffice

Nuke an extraneous shell continuation in the Makefile.

Suggested by:	pfg [1]
Original commitRevision:397932 
Thursday, 24 Sep 2015
21:07 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Fix a regression in directory permissions and add a missing directory used
for shared extensions.  This combination of issues could cause incomplete
cleanup on pkg removal if OpenOffice had been run by a user in the wheel

Add a note about the location of the Wiki Publisher extension to
Original commitRevision:397761 
Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015
22:13 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Various build updates from openoffice-devel (primarily r382334 and

  * patch-i118574 no longer seems necessary for a clean build

  * Regnerate patch-i114430 with make makepatch

  * Build using boost from ports instead of the bundled boost

  * Build using silgraphite from ports instead of the bundled version

  * Add missing LIB_DEPENDS that are brought in by other dependencies,
    but are directly linked as requested by pkgconfig/*.pc

  * Build using sane and xrender headers from ports instead of bundled

  * Update LICENSE* to account for bundled software

  * Reformat pkg-message and mention that the scanner interface can be
    enabled by installing sane-backends

  * Pet portlint

Update patch-bridges*,, patch-jpeg, patch-nss, patch-sal,,, and patch-webdav to the versions
accepted upstream, regenerated with make makepatch.

Regenerate patch-CVE-2015-1774 with make makepatch.

Approved by:	mat (mentor, implicit)
Original commitRevision:393558 
Friday, 27 Mar 2015
20:22 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Update openoffice-4 with applicable changes in openoffice-devel r382334:

 * Work around broken build on FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT i386, which appears
   to be a code generation bug in clang 3.6 when using -Os optimization.

 * Use the dictionaries already installed by ports.

 * Update patch-*.mk patches to versions that were imported upstream.
   They are tuned for clang to use as is, with only some minor
   additional tweaks needed for gcc.

 * Wordsmith pkg-message.

 * Some Makefile cleanups.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:	pfg
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Original commitRevision:382435 
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2015
15:04 truckman search for other commits by this committer
Unbreak editors/openoffice-4 and editors/openoffice-devel on systems
where clang is the base compiler.  The issue was that these ports
would only successfully build with gcc and libstdc++, so they
specified USE_GCC=yes, but they linked to other C++ ports that were
compiled with clang, which brought in libc++.  The conflict between
libstdc++ and libc++ caused the application to crash whenever an
operation that popped up a dialog box was attempted.  Thanks to
dim@ for helping me track this down.  The fix is to patch various
bits of the openoffice souce to allow it to be built with clang
on systems where the C++ dependencies are also compiled with clang. [1]

Add a CUPS option so that CUPS can be disabled [2].

Register print/cups-client as a LIB_DEPENDS when CUPS is enabled.

pkg-message claims that user settings are stored in
~/.openoffice,org4, whereas all other platforms seem to use
~/ (or equivalent), and both openoffice-4 and
openoffice-devel actually use ~/ The
addition of -devel to the location happened with r325370.
The / appears to have been introduced in r297259. Change the
location match other platforms. Introduce a new variable
${AOOUDIR} so that the actual location and pkg-message stay in

Rename ${OOOTAG} to ${AOOTAG} and restore its value so that it
can once again be substituted into pkg-message. It has not
been set since r296269.

Various Makefile cleanups:
  * Gather and sort USE_*

  * Simplify use of ${REINPLACE_CMD}

  * --x-includes and --x-libraries are automatically passed to configure,
    which ignores them

  * Get rid of unnecessary include of

PR:		188088 [1]
PR:		198458 [2]
Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:	pfg
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Original commitRevision:381494 

Number of commits found: 9