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non port: dns/dnsmasq-devel/files/patch-src_rfc3315.c

Number of commits found: 3

Mon, 9 Mar 2020
[ 21:29 mandree search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:528134
dns/dnsmasq-devel: Update to 2.81rc3 (from rc2).

Git changelog:
* 46bdfe6 2020-03-08 | Fix error in IPv6 prefix calculation. (HEAD -> master,
tag: v2.81rc3, origin/master, origin/HEAD) [Petr Mensik]
* dded78b 2020-03-08 | Add DHCPv6 ntp-server (56) option handling. [Vladislav
* b594e8d 2020-03-06 | rfc3315: fix incorrect logical '&&' warning [Kevin
* 70c50ef 2020-03-06 | suppress non linux network unused var warnings [Kevin
* ea3c60a 2020-03-08 | Diverge error handling between *BSD and Linux. [Brad

Replace patch-Makefile by a $REINPLACE_CMD that support
nondefault lua versions 5.1 and 5.3, too.

Remove patch-src_rfc3315.c, same as b594e8d but written independently.
Fri, 6 Mar 2020
[ 01:44 mandree search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:527854
dns/dnsmasq-devel: Update to new upstream release candidate #2.

Changelog (from Git):
* fc19399 2020-03-05 | Fix compiler warning. (HEAD -> master, tag: v2.81rc2,
origin/master, origin/HEAD) [Simon Kelley]
* 980b14f 2020-03-05 | Compiler warning. [Simon Kelley]
* 1df73fe 2020-03-05 | Remove compiler warnings in IPv6 checksum code in dump.c
[Simon Kelley]
* c125c1d 2020-03-05 | Update decline address handling in DHCPv6 for new
multi-address world. [Simon Kelley]
* e39c484 2020-03-05 | Fix parameters to setsockopt() for TCP_FASTOPEN.
[Matthias Andree]
* 977a5a2 2020-03-02 | Merge i18n messages. [Simon Kelley]
* 02df000 2020-03-02 | Trivial formatting fix. [Simon Kelley]

Drop previous patches, and add two new ones,
one to fix pkgconfig for lua,
one to fix the bitfield flag testing in rfc3315.c/DHCPv6 decline handling.
Wed, 4 Mar 2020
[ 22:27 mandree search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:527801
Update dnsmasq-devel to 2.81rc1.

This currently adds two portability fixes that have been reported upstream.


Number of commits found: 3