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non port: dns/dnsmasq-devel/files/patch-CVE-2022-0934

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Fri, 12 Aug 2022
[ 18:57 Matthias Andree (mandree) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:37b050fb9c0fcc126e9ea741c772ba38d136cdd6  commit hash:37b050fb9c0fcc126e9ea741c772ba38d136cdd6  commit hash:37b050fb9c0fcc126e9ea741c772ba38d136cdd6  37b050f 
dns/dnsmasq-devel: update to 2.87test9

CHANGELOG difference in Git between test8 and test9

* Enhance --domain to accept, for instance,,eth2 so that hosts get a domain
  which relects the interface they are attached to in a way which
  doesn't require hard-coding addresses. Thanks to Sten Spans for
  the idea.

* Fix write-after-free error in DHCPv6 server code.
  CVE-2022-0934 refers.

* Add the ability to specify destination port in
  DHCP-relay mode. This change also removes a previous bug
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Sun, 3 Apr 2022
[ 11:15 Matthias Andree (mandree) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:9e9b4f9da908464b4e995a39755b94869aaf0ecc  commit hash:9e9b4f9da908464b4e995a39755b94869aaf0ecc  commit hash:9e9b4f9da908464b4e995a39755b94869aaf0ecc  9e9b4f9 
dns/dnsmasq-devel: fix CVE-2022-0934 DHCPv6 vuln

Security:       3f321a5a-b33b-11ec-80c2-1bb2c6a00592
Security:       CVE-2022-0934
MFH:            2022Q2

Number of commits found: 2