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non port: devel/subversion-freebsd/pkg-descr

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Sunday, 16 Oct 2011
14:31 lev search for other commits by this committer
  Update subversion to 1.7.0.

  Make FreeBSD patches to be port's options and remove separated port.

  Rename patches to more sane names.

  Add devel/subversion16 port, for people, who need old version.

  Mark ports, which could not be built with subversion 1.7.x, as
  conflicting with new subversion.
Original commit
Sunday, 1 Jun 2008
00:31 edwin search for other commits by this committer
subversion-devel and subversion-freebsd ports required

        Subversion is a version control system designed to be as
        similar to cvs(1) as possible, while fixing many outstanding
        problems with cvs(1).

        This version adds patches that at this time are specific
        to the needs of the FreeBSD Project src repository.  If you
        do not need to access that repository you will want to use


PR:             ports/124060
Submitted by:   Craig Rodrigues <>
Original commit
00:26 edwin search for other commits by this committer
Forced commit to let the world know about the repocopy of
devel/subversion to devel/subversion-freebsd
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Number of commits found: 3