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Port details
sccs Source Code Control System (SCCS)
2024.03.21 devel on this many watch lists=1 search for ports that depend on this port Find issues related to this port Report an issue related to this port View this port on Repology. pkg-fallout 2023.09.28Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch.
Maintainer: search for ports maintained by this maintainer
Port Added: 2021-07-01 21:18:18
Last Update: 2023-11-06 10:03:47
Commit Hash: 06df180
People watching this port, also watch:: schilytools, star, dobutsu, schilyutils
SCCS is an implementation of the POSIX standard Source Code Control System. It provides actively maintained code based on the original UNIX SCCS code OpenSourced by Sun as part of OpenSolaris and was made portable to other platforms.
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Manual pages:
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pkg-plist: as obtained via: make generate-plist
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  1. /usr/local/share/licenses/sccs-2024.03.21/
  2. /usr/local/share/licenses/sccs-2024.03.21/LICENSE
  3. /usr/local/share/licenses/sccs-2024.03.21/CDDL
  4. /usr/local/share/licenses/sccs-2024.03.21/BSD1CLAUSE
  5. bin/sccs
  6. ccs/bin/admin
  7. ccs/bin/bdiff
  8. ccs/bin/cdc
  9. ccs/bin/comb
  10. ccs/bin/delta
  11. ccs/bin/diff
  12. ccs/bin/fsdiff
  13. ccs/bin/get
  14. ccs/bin/help
  15. ccs/bin/prs
  16. ccs/bin/prt
  17. ccs/bin/rcs2sccs
  18. ccs/bin/rmchg
  19. ccs/bin/rmdel
  20. ccs/bin/sact
  21. ccs/bin/sccs
  22. ccs/bin/sccscvt
  23. ccs/bin/sccsdiff
  24. ccs/bin/sccslog
  25. ccs/bin/sccspatch
  26. ccs/bin/unget
  27. ccs/bin/val
  28. ccs/bin/vc
  29. ccs/bin/what
  30. ccs/lib/diffh
  31. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/ad
  32. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/bd
  33. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/cb
  34. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/cm
  35. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/cmds
  36. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/co
  37. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/de
  38. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/default
  39. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/ge
  40. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/he
  41. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/pr
  42. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/prs
  43. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/rc
  44. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/sc
  45. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/un
  46. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/ut
  47. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/va
  48. ccs/lib/help/locale/C/vc
  49. ccs/lib/libcassi.a
  50. ccs/lib/libcomobj.a
  51. ccs/lib/libmpw.a
  52. ccs/lib/libsccs.a
  53. share/man/man1/admin.1.gz
  54. share/man/man1/bdiff.1.gz
  55. share/man/man1/cdc.1.gz
  56. share/man/man1/comb.1.gz
  57. share/man/man1/delta.1.gz
  58. share/man/man1/diff.1.gz
  59. share/man/man1/get.1.gz
  60. share/man/man1/help.1.gz
  61. share/man/man1/prs.1.gz
  62. share/man/man1/prt.1.gz
  63. share/man/man1/rcs2sccs.1.gz
  64. share/man/man1/rmdel.1.gz
  65. share/man/man1/sact.1.gz
  66. share/man/man1/sccs-add.1.gz
  67. share/man/man1/sccs-admin.1.gz
  68. share/man/man1/sccs-branch.1.gz
  69. share/man/man1/sccs-cdc.1.gz
  70. share/man/man1/sccs-check.1.gz
  71. share/man/man1/sccs-clean.1.gz
  72. share/man/man1/sccs-comb.1.gz
  73. share/man/man1/sccs-commit.1.gz
  74. share/man/man1/sccs-create.1.gz
  75. share/man/man1/sccs-cvt.1.gz
  76. share/man/man1/sccs-deledit.1.gz
  77. share/man/man1/sccs-delget.1.gz
  78. share/man/man1/sccs-delta.1.gz
  79. share/man/man1/sccs-diffs.1.gz
  80. share/man/man1/sccs-edit.1.gz
  81. share/man/man1/sccs-editor.1.gz
  82. share/man/man1/sccs-enter.1.gz
  83. share/man/man1/sccs-fix.1.gz
  84. share/man/man1/sccs-get.1.gz
  85. share/man/man1/sccs-help.1.gz
  86. share/man/man1/sccs-histfile.1.gz
  87. share/man/man1/sccs-info.1.gz
  88. share/man/man1/sccs-init.1.gz
  89. share/man/man1/sccs-istext.1.gz
  90. share/man/man1/sccs-ldiffs.1.gz
  91. share/man/man1/sccs-log.1.gz
  92. share/man/man1/sccs-print.1.gz
  93. share/man/man1/sccs-prs.1.gz
  94. share/man/man1/sccs-prt.1.gz
  95. share/man/man1/sccs-rcs2sccs.1.gz
  96. share/man/man1/sccs-remove.1.gz
  97. share/man/man1/sccs-rename.1.gz
  98. share/man/man1/sccs-rmdel.1.gz
  99. share/man/man1/sccs-root.1.gz
  100. share/man/man1/sccs-sact.1.gz
  101. share/man/man1/sccs-sccsdiff.1.gz
  102. share/man/man1/sccs-status.1.gz
  103. share/man/man1/sccs-tell.1.gz
  104. share/man/man1/sccs-unedit.1.gz
  105. share/man/man1/sccs-unget.1.gz
  106. share/man/man1/sccs-val.1.gz
  107. share/man/man1/sccs.1.gz
  108. share/man/man1/sccscvt.1.gz
  109. share/man/man1/sccsdiff.1.gz
  110. share/man/man1/sccslog.1.gz
  111. share/man/man1/sccspatch.1.gz
  112. share/man/man1/unget.1.gz
  113. share/man/man1/val.1.gz
  114. share/man/man1/vc.1.gz
  115. share/man/man1/what.1.gz
  116. share/man/man5/changeset.5.gz
  117. share/man/man5/sccschangeset.5.gz
  118. share/man/man5/sccsfile.5.gz
  119. xpg4/bin/get
  120. xpg4/bin/sccs
  121. @owner
  122. @group
  123. @mode
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Dependency lines:
  • sccs>0:devel/sccs
To install the port:
cd /usr/ports/devel/sccs/ && make install clean
To add the package, run one of these commands:
  • pkg install devel/sccs
  • pkg install sccs
NOTE: If this package has multiple flavors (see below), then use one of them instead of the name specified above.
Flavors: there is no flavor information for this port.
TIMESTAMP = 1711028230 SHA256 (schily-2024-03-21.tar.bz2) = 76db022e450c1791a00e69780b55d18a2e3fc39b5ff870996433f87312032024 SIZE (schily-2024-03-21.tar.bz2) = 4869239

Packages (timestamps in pop-ups are UTC):
Master port: devel/schilybase
NOTE: FreshPorts displays only information on required and default dependencies. Optional dependencies are not covered.
Build dependencies:
  1. smake : devel/smake
  2. gettext-runtime>=0.22_1 : devel/gettext-runtime
Test dependencies:
  1. star : archivers/star
Library dependencies:
  1. : devel/schilybase
  2. : devel/gettext-runtime
This port is required by:
for Run
  1. misc/schilytools

Configuration Options:
No options to configure
Options name:
tar:bz2 compiler gettext-runtime iconv
FreshPorts was unable to extract/find any pkg message
Master Sites:
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Number of commits found: 6

Commit History - (may be incomplete: for full details, see links to repositories near top of page)
This is a slave port. You may also want to view the commits to the master port: devel/schilybase
CommitCreditsLog message
06 Nov 2023 10:03:47
commit hash: 06df180a9e39055026499a326ef67812801a8919commit hash: 06df180a9e39055026499a326ef67812801a8919commit hash: 06df180a9e39055026499a326ef67812801a8919commit hash: 06df180a9e39055026499a326ef67812801a8919 files touched by this commit
Rodrigo Osorio (rodrigo) search for other commits by this committer
*/*: Update WWW to use HTTPS for projects

Homepage link is permanent redirected to its HTTPS counterpart
Issue reported by repology :

Approved by:	portmgr (blanket)
PR:		274888
19 Sep 2022 15:37:34
commit hash: e69a1817a6ad75f0b081a88895aad0fa4d120e5ecommit hash: e69a1817a6ad75f0b081a88895aad0fa4d120e5ecommit hash: e69a1817a6ad75f0b081a88895aad0fa4d120e5ecommit hash: e69a1817a6ad75f0b081a88895aad0fa4d120e5e files touched by this commit
Neel Chauhan (nc) search for other commits by this committer
Author: Robert Clausecker
devel/schilybase: update to 2022-09-18

 - point MASTER_SITES to new upstream
 - split bosh from sysutils/schilyutils into new port shells/bosh
   - stop installing pfbosh, a SunOS-only feature
   - install jsh as jbosh to avoid a conflict
   - patch shell names in man pages
 - point WWW to subproject-specific sites if available
 - misc/schilytools: deprecate man2html component
 - devel/schilybase: add missing file to pkg-plist
 - make test suite work better
   - do not pass INS_*BASE/DESTDIR to smake tests
   - account for devel/sccs placing files in /tmp
   - make sh/tests/common/test-common find bosh after
     we patched out the hardlink to sh
   - Test suite passes on armv7 except for archivers/star.
     Will have to investigate further.
 - sysutils/schilyutils: add vctags command
   I forgot about that one when I made the port initially.
   The ctags link is not installed to avoid conflicts.


PR:	266475
07 Sep 2022 21:58:51
commit hash: fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash: fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash: fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4commit hash: fb16dfecae4a6efac9f3a78e0b759fb7a3c53de4 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Remove WWW entries moved into port Makefiles

Commit b7f05445c00f has added WWW entries to port Makefiles based on
WWW: lines in pkg-descr files.

This commit removes the WWW: lines of moved-over URLs from these
pkg-descr files.

Approved by:		portmgr (tcberner)
07 Sep 2022 21:10:59
commit hash: b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash: b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash: b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52commit hash: b7f05445c00f2625aa19b4154ebcbce5ed2daa52 files touched by this commit
Stefan Eßer (se) search for other commits by this committer
Add WWW entries to port Makefiles

It has been common practice to have one or more URLs at the end of the
ports' pkg-descr files, one per line and prefixed with "WWW:". These
URLs should point at a project website or other relevant resources.

Access to these URLs required processing of the pkg-descr files, and
they have often become stale over time. If more than one such URL was
present in a pkg-descr file, only the first one was tarnsfered into
the port INDEX, but for many ports only the last line did contain the
port specific URL to further information.

There have been several proposals to make a project URL available as
a macro in the ports' Makefiles, over time.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
07 Jul 2022 05:35:24
commit hash: 8ce2900d5aaffab13b961003114a97a48d00e59dcommit hash: 8ce2900d5aaffab13b961003114a97a48d00e59dcommit hash: 8ce2900d5aaffab13b961003114a97a48d00e59dcommit hash: 8ce2900d5aaffab13b961003114a97a48d00e59d files touched by this commit
Fernando Apesteguía (fernape) search for other commits by this committer
Author: Robert Clausecker
devel/schilybase: 2022 schilytools touchup

Following Jörg Schilling's death in 2021, this is a light touch up of
the port in preparation of future updates at the project's new home.

 - Jörg's domains have started to run out.  Change the WWW to our new
   project lest they point to some unrelated site.
 - Instead of building profiled libraries and then throwing them out,
   have -PROFILE not build these in the first place.
 - Enable symbol versioning for hardening against mismatched library
   versions.  While tested well on Linux, this option was never enabled
   on FreeBSD due to Jörg's lack of experience with the system.  Given
   that the toolchain is pretty much the same, little to now issues are
   to be expected.
 - Relax schilybase dependency to just LIB_DEPENDS to simplify partial
   upgrades.  This is reasonably safe now that symbol versioning has
   been enabled.



PR:	265040
Reported by: (maintainer)
01 Jul 2021 21:11:52
commit hash: 2a40da7011b3545ea4d9c3ec48eed369cc3b1aa3commit hash: 2a40da7011b3545ea4d9c3ec48eed369cc3b1aa3commit hash: 2a40da7011b3545ea4d9c3ec48eed369cc3b1aa3commit hash: 2a40da7011b3545ea4d9c3ec48eed369cc3b1aa3 files touched by this commit
Juraj Lutter (otis) search for other commits by this committer
Author: Robert Clausecker
misc/schilytools: Consolidate old schily's tools

- Update and consolidate schily's tools into more reasonable state
- Transfer maintenance to Robert Clausecker <>

From Robert Clausecker <> (new maintainer):

In 2018, Jörg Schilling consolidated all his projects into the
schilytools project and stopped providing new separate releases for the
individual projects (such as cdrtools, smake, star, and ved).  Hence,
the FreeBSD ports of these projects have been stuck on outdated versions
for years.

With this changeset, the schilytools are added to the ports collection
as a collection of 10 ports:
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)

Number of commits found: 6