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Tuesday, 5 Aug 2008
15:27 lippe search for other commits by this committer
- Now really fix NOPORTDOCS case, handling it using an extra patche called when

Discussed with: gabor
Approved by:    gabor (mentor, implicit)
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Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006
17:59 alepulver search for other commits by this committer
quilt is a collection of bash scripts to manage a series of patches by
keeping track of the changes each patch makes. Patches can be applied,
un-applied, refreshed, etc.
The key philosophical concept is that your primary output is
patches. Not ".c" files, not ".h" files. But patches. So patches are
the first-class object here.
Quilt was originally based on Andrew Morton's patch scripts published
on the linux kernel mailing list a while ago, but where heavily
modified since then.


PR:             ports/104614
Submitted by:   Dirk Jagdmann <doj at>
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Number of commits found: 2