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non port: devel/cloudabi/pkg-plist

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Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018
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Upgrade all CloudABI components to their latest upstream versions.

This release of CloudABI includes some minor tweaks to improve support
for Rust, including some changes that should keep the ABI more robust
going forward. In addition to that, there are some tiny fixes for Linux,
but these are not relevant for FreeBSD.

Reviewed by:	mat
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Original commitRevision:460378 
Monday, 8 Aug 2016
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Update the CloudABI definitions to version 0.7.

This version removes the native system call wrappers (the functions that
use "syscall" to invoke a system call). The reason for this is that this
will no longer be covered by the specification. Instead, userspace
processes must use the vDSO to invoke system calls.
Original commitRevision:419868 
Friday, 22 Apr 2016
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Upgrade cloudabi-utils to the latest version.

The latest version of cloudabi-run now includes an emulator for running
CloudABI executables. Though this emulator has been primarily developed
for Mac OS X, it also works reasonably well on FreeBSD. This means that
FreeBSD users can now experiment with CloudABI even on FreeBSD <11.

The new version of cloudabi-utils now depends on an additional package,
simply called cloudabi. This package installs a set of headers that
describe the actual binary interface that programs can use.

Reviewed by:	beat
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Original commitRevision:413771 

Number of commits found: 3