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non port: databases/redis-devel/files/patch-src-config.h

Number of commits found: 4

Friday, 14 Dec 2018
00:40 osa search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3.


Upgrade urgency HIGH: Redis 5 is consolidating, upgrading is a good idea.
                      However there is nothing very critical here, but certain
                      issues resolved could lead to very rare crashes.

Welcome to Redis 5.0.3, several interesting bug fixes here:

* Redis no longer panics when you send data to a replica-mode connection that
  is in MONITOR or SYNC mode.

* Fixes to certain sorted set edge cases. You are unlikely to ever notice those
  issues, but now it is more correct.

* Certain BSD variants now are better supported: build & register logging
  on crash.

* The networking core now recovers if an IPv6 address is listed in bind but
  is actually not able to work because there is no such protocol in the

* redis-cli cluster mode improved in many ways. Especially the fix subcommand
  work was enhanced to cover other edge cases that were still not covered
  after the work done for Redis 5.

* MEMORY USAGE is now more accurate.

* DEBUG DIGEST-VALUE added in case you want to make sure a given set of keys
  (and not the whole DB) are excatly the same between two instances.

* Fix a potential crash in the networking code related to recent changes
  to the way the reply is consumed.

* Reject EXEC containing write commands against an instance that changed role
  from master to replica during our transaction.

* Fix a crash in KEYS and other commands using pattern matching, in an edge
  case where the pattern contains a zero byte.

* Fix eviction during AOF loading due to maxmemory triggered by commands
  executed in loading state.

Original commitRevision:487397 
Tuesday, 7 Apr 2015
22:14 osa search for other commits by this committer
Upgrade from 3.0.0-rc4 to 3.0.0.


--[ Redis 3.0.0 ] Release date: 1 Apr 2015

Changes between RC6 and 3.0.0 stable:

>> General changes

* Fixes to diskless replication. (Oran Agra)
* Test for BLPOP replication on role change. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* prepareClientToWrite() error handling improvements. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* Remove dict.c no longer used function. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)

>> Cluster changes


>> Sentinel changes


--[ Redis 3.0.0 RC6 (version 2.9.106) ] Release date: 24 mar 2015

Upgrade urgency: HIGH because of bugs related to Redis Custer and replication.

This is the 6th release candidate of Redis 3.0.0. This release fixes important
issues discovered during stress testing, and implements safest behavior
for blocking operations during clients reshardings, and a new much needed
functionality of Redis Cluster manual failovers.

In order to fix certain bugs quite a bit of refactoring was needed which
is usually non advisabble in a Release Candidate, but needed in order to
end with a clean fix.

>> General changes

* [FIX] Redis (non clustered & clustered) replication bug involving blocking
        operations: see issue #2473. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)

>> Cluster changes

* [FIX] clientsArePaused() fix crashing the old master during manual failover.
        (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Lua scripts replication in Redis Cluster was totally broken.
        (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Redirect clients blocked into list operations when the hash slot
        they are blocked into is migrated to another instance or the cluster
        state turns into "fail". (Salvatore Sanfilippo)

* [NEW] TAKEOVER option for CLUSTER FAILOVER implemented. It is now possible
        to fix a cluster manually in the minority side of the partition, for
        example in order to allow for multi DC setups & recovery.
        (Salvatore Sanfilippo)

>> Sentinel changes

No changes in Sentinel.

--[ Redis 3.0.0 RC5 (version 2.9.105) ] Release date: 20 mar 2015

Upgrade urgency: Moderate for Redis Cluster users, low otherwise.

This is the 5th release candidate of Redis 3.0.0, released in order to fix
a moderate bug in Redis Cluster. This RC does not shift in the future the
Redis 3.0.0 final release which is scheduled in a few days (we are in the
process of finishing the documentation for Redis Cluster).

>> General changes

* [FIX] Fix LATENCY command crash. (Salvatore Sanfilippo, thx to Ingmar)
* [FIX] Config: missing activerehashing option support in CONFIG SET added.
        (Salvatore Sanfilippo, thx to Bill Anderson)
* [FIX] Fix for backtrace generation issue. (Mariano Perez Rodriguez, Matt
Stancliff, Salvatore Sanfilippo)

* [NEW] Redis-cli --latency-dist backported from unstable.
        (Salvatore Sanfilippo)

>> Cluster changes

* [FIX] Avoid redundant SELECT in MIGRATE. (Tommy Wang, Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] More robust slave check in CLUSTER REPLICATE. (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Fixed possible Redis Cluster node crash due to wrong separation of
        concerns between getNodeByQuery() and Cluster global state update
        fnuction. (Salvatore Sanfilippo, thx to Ingmar)

* [NEW] Add command CLUSTER MYID to easily featch instance ID. (Michel Martens)

>> Sentinel changes

* [NEW] Support for CLIENT command added. It was missing in the command table.
        (Leandro Lopez)

Original commitRevision:383544 
Monday, 11 Feb 2013
18:38 osa search for other commits by this committer
Update from 2.6.9 to 2.6.10.


UPGRADE URGENCY: MODERATE, this release contains many non-critical fixes
                 and many small improvements.

* [BUGFIX]   redis-cli --rdb, fixed when the server sends newlines to ping.
* [BUGFIX]   redis-cli, minor fixes on connection handling, prompt.
* [BUGFIX]   Slow log: don't log EXEC, just executed commands.
* [BUGFIX]   On failed shutdown don't try again and again compulsively.
* [BUGFIX]   Fix build on sunos without backtrace().
* [BUGFIX]   UNSUBSCRIBE and PUNSUBSCRIBE: always provide a reply (see 742e580)
* [BUGFIX]   Lua struct library was broken, upgraded.
* [BUGFIX]   Fix a bug in srandmemberWithCountCommand() with count argument.
* [BUGFIX]   Test: disable clients timeout to prevent issues on slow systems.
* [BUGFIX]   Sentinel: don't advertise the promoted slave as master too early.
* [IMPROVED] Whitelist SIGUSR1, see
* [IMPROVED] Simpler to understand redis-cli --bigkeys output.
* [IMPROVED] Test now works with tclsh > 8.5.
* [IMPROVED] Added option to turn of the Nagle algorithm in slave socket.
* [IMPROVED] Optionally use SO_KEEPALIVE to detect dead peers.

Original commitRevision:312071 
Thursday, 22 Nov 2012
18:21 osa search for other commits by this committer
Use more canonical names for patches.
No functionaly changes.

Feature safe: yes
Original commitRevision:307662 

Number of commits found: 4