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non port: databases/postgresql11-server/pkg-plist-contrib

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Monday, 30 Dec 2019
18:04 adamw search for other commits by this committer
postgresql{96,10,11}-contrib: Add an XML option

Avoids the libxml/libxslt2 dependency chain for systems that don't need
the XML datatype plugin.

PR:		239638
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (pgsql team, nearly 5 months)
Original commitRevision:521556 
Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019
16:03 amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Optionize SSL support in postgresql11-contrib

PR:		233257
Submitted by:	amdmi3
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (pgsql, 7 weeks)
Original commitRevision:489813 
Friday, 19 Oct 2018
21:32 girgen search for other commits by this committer
The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of
PostgreSQL 11, the latest version of the world's most advanced open
source database.

PostgreSQL 11 provides users with improvements to overall performance of
the database system, with specific enhancements associated with very
large databases and high computational workloads. Further, PostgreSQL 11
makes significant improvements to the table partitioning system, adds
support for stored procedures capable of transaction management,
improves query parallelism and adds parallelized data definition
capabilities, and introduces just-in-time (JIT) compilation for
accelerating the execution of expressions in queries.

"For PostgreSQL 11, our development community focused on adding features
that improve PostgreSQL's ability to manage very large databases," said
Bruce Momjian, a core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development
Group. "On top of PostgreSQL's proven performance for transactional
workloads, PostgreSQL 11 makes it even easier for developers to run big
data applications at scale."

PostgreSQL benefits from over 20 years of open source development and
has become the preferred open source relational database for developers.
The project continues to receive recognition across the industry, and
has been featured as the "DBMS of the Year 2017" by DB-Engines and in
the SD Times 2018 100.

PostgreSQL 11 is the first major release since PostgreSQL 10 was
released on October 5, 2017. The next update release for PostgreSQL 11
containing bug fixes will be PostgreSQL 11.1, and the next major release
with new features will be PostgreSQL 12.

Release Notes:
Original commitRevision:482456 

Number of commits found: 3