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non port: databases/pgpool-II-33/files/patch-watchdog__watchdog.h

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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018
10:51 tz search for other commits by this committer
databases/pgpool-II-33: Update from 3.3.7 to 3.3.20

While here:
- set EXPIRATION_DATE and mark DEPRECATED because of incoming EOL
- clean up conflicts
- add LIB_DEPENDS when option is set
- regenerate patches with make makepatch
Original commitRevision:462488 
Sunday, 29 Jun 2014
16:40 matthew search for other commits by this committer
New port databases/pgpool-II-33

Repo copy from databases/pgpool-II. Changes from that port:

 - New port for pgpool-II33-3.3.3

 - Stagify

 - Add libtool, gmake, pgsql, perl5 to USES.  Drop .la files -- this is a
   new port, so there can't be any pre-existing consumers of the .la files
   to worry about.

 - Use options helpers

 - The configure used with this software is buggy and doesn't understand
   --without-foo.  Just omit any --with-foo or --without-foo to turn off
   'foo' support.

 - New options PAM MEMCACHED.  Enable PAM by default since it
   only depends on the base system.

 - Add RUN_DEPENDS on rsync and perl5 -- needed for the scripts
   pgpool_copy_backup and pgpool_remote_start respectively.

 - regenerate pkg-plist using 'make makeplist.'  Just use the auto-generated
   plist entries for %%PORTDOCS%% rather than the $PORTDOCS variable.

 - Simplify how docs and sql/contrib functions are installed

PR:		189880
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Reviewed by:	pi, matthew
Original commitRevision:359786 

Number of commits found: 2