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non port: comms/flcluster/distinfo

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Wednesday, 20 Dec 2017
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=Version 1.0.4=

2017-12-18  David Freese  <>

        3fdf12c: Cluster stream
        d32b3d9: AR report

Reported by:	portscout
Original commitRevision:456770 
Sunday, 15 Oct 2017
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Move with upstream to sourceforge

=Version 1.0.3=

2017-10-14  David Freese  <>

	0d1ba30: dxcc server list
Original commitRevision:452156 
Friday, 13 Oct 2017
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=Version 1.0.2=

2017-10-12  David Freese  <>

	efe4c58: UI thread bug
	cc846da: FreeBSD reported bugs
	be720c4: Prog doc update

=Version 1.0.1=

	d46e018: Application icon
	926b7fd: Installation bugs
	43e4059: win mingw
	4a092db: doc update
	c9021c0: Code revision #2

=Version 1.0.0=

	c5373f2: Code Revision 1
	926ee8e: Initial flcluster repository
Original commitRevision:452007 
Thursday, 12 Oct 2017
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flcluster is a stand alone dx cluster client that will also connect to fldigi
and act as the dx cluster client for fldigi. Multiple instances of flcluster
can simultaneously connect to fldigi, and fldigi's internal dx cluster client
can also be connected at the same time.  Connectivity is via a socket interface,
so flclient can reside on the same or a different computer on the LAN or WAN
so long as it is possible to establish the socket (xmlrpc) connection.

On line help is available <>
Original commitRevision:451926 

Number of commits found: 4