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non port: comms/dcf77pi/files

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Thursday, 18 Sep 2014
11:56 rene search for other commits by this committer
- Update comms/dcf77pi to version 3.2.0

Overall changes:
- Compile with -fpic instead of -fPIC (potentially smaller code size)
- Add a schematics file for the hardware receiver in FidoCadJ format
- Language and typographical updates to
- Several signed/unsigned/size fixes

Library changes:
- Extract generic third-party code for bits 1..14 from decode_alarm.h into a
  new file bits1to14.h
- Convert almost all calculations for decoding the live signal into integer
  operations, drop fields 'a', 'frac', and 'maxone' from struct bitinfo.
- New function setclock_ok() in setclock.h
- New functions get_acc_minlen(), add_acc_minlen(), reset_acc_minlen() in
  decode_time.h. The accumulated minute length is now a first-class entity.
  When decoding the live signal, increment it more precisely than just 1000 ms/s
  to prevent drift during bad radio reception.
- New functions dcftime() and isotime() in decode_time.h. Use the latter in
- Check input values of etc/config.txt:
  - hw.active_high must be 0 or 1
  - hw.freq must be even between 10 and 666666
- Reset the values of bit0 and bit20 if the latter becomes smaller than the
  former, show this in the log file using a '!'
- Compact the signal buffer, it now stores 8 pulses per byte instead of just 1.

Client changes:
- Make dcf77pi and dcf77pi-analyze more agnostic of the contents of the
  third-party contents
- Update display code of dcf77pi and readpin for the updates to the live signal
- Show in dcf77pi when the value of bit20 underflows
- Update the code to display the signal buffer in readpin
- Fix readpin to properly clean up when receiving a SIGINT
Original commitRevision:368444 
Sunday, 20 Jul 2014
21:59 rene search for other commits by this committer
comms/dcf77pi: apply upstream patch to fix display bug when realfreq is reset
Original commitRevision:362380 
Monday, 28 Oct 2013
21:26 rene search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 1.0.5
- Add a note to UPDATING about the changed and renamed configuration file.
Original commitRevision:331897 
Saturday, 28 Sep 2013
13:24 rene search for other commits by this committer
Add staging support.
Original commitRevision:328566 

Number of commits found: 4