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Mon, 26 Dec 2022
[ 07:14 Nuno Teixeira (eduardo) search for other commits by this committer Author: Florian Walpen ]    commit hash:e5453d2a9f4944a40f4e10df52b3f360746f7414  commit hash:e5453d2a9f4944a40f4e10df52b3f360746f7414  commit hash:e5453d2a9f4944a40f4e10df52b3f360746f7414  e5453d2  (Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
audio/ardour: Update to 7.2.0 release, replace audio/ardour6

 - Submitter becomes maintainer

This patch provides an update to Ardour 7.1.0, thereby replacing Ardour
6.9.0 in audio/ardour6 and moving the port to audio/ardour. There's no
reason to keep the major version in the portname, we only had one version
for quite some time.

The patch also incorporates bug #267065, relaxing the version requirement
on the python build dependency.

Some notes about the changes I made:

Issue 1 - Official download is now tailored to browsers only, that's why
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Tue, 4 Jan 2022
[ 16:03 Fernando ApesteguĂ­a (fernape) search for other commits by this committer Author: Florian Walpen ]    commit hash:f9d2916c1ef66b3a4b70f7c6da2c4679b63ed68e  commit hash:f9d2916c1ef66b3a4b70f7c6da2c4679b63ed68e  commit hash:f9d2916c1ef66b3a4b70f7c6da2c4679b63ed68e  f9d2916 
audio/ardour6: Update to 6.9.0

Fix MP3 audio export. It was unavailable due to missing ffmpeg_harvid and
ffprobe_harvid in $PATH.

Add dependencies on harfbuzz and fftw3 libraries, which were implicitly linked.

While here, pet linters.

PR:	260766
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Number of commits found: 2