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non port: archivers/lbzip2/distinfo

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Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018
09:49 danfe search for other commits by this committer
- Update `archivers/lbzip2' to version 2.5, switch
  to the `.tar.bz2' distfile (USES=tar:bzip2)
- Update MASTER_SITES and add LICENSE (GPLv3)
- The build system is GNU autotools-based since 2.x
- Install more complete set of documentation files
- Drop no longer needed WRKSRC, the patch file, and
  `do-install' target
- Get rid of the .for loop when installing files on
  the PORTDOCS list
Original commitRevision:472300 
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
17:59 miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Get Rid MD5 support

With hat:       portmgr (myself)
Original commit
Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
03:08 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update 0.23

Version: lbzip2-0.23
Focus:   Minor feature enhancements
Date:    03-Mar-2010
Changes: In this release, if lbzip2 intends to exit with status 1 due to any
         fatal error, but any SIGPIPE or SIGXFSZ with inherited SIG_DFL action
         was generated for lbzip2 previously, then lbzip2 terminates by way of
         one of said signals, after cleaning up any interrupted output file.
         This should improve compatibility with GNU tar, when it spawns lbzip2
         as a filter, and closes the pipe between them early, before it
         receives an EOF from lbzip2.
Original commit
Friday, 19 Feb 2010
20:58 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.22

Version: lbzip2-0.22
Focus:   Minor bugfixes
Date:    18-Feb-2010
Changes: Building lbzip2 on Debian unstable discovered that the "" build
         script, due to a typo, did not invoke the "getconf" utility in a
         SUSv2-conformant way. This bug has been corrected.

Version: lbzip2-0.21
Focus:   Minor bugfixes
Date:    17-Feb-2010
Changes: Code examination revealed that lbzip2-0.18 introduced a race between
         the following two code paths: (1) the muxer thread displays an error
         message when it encounters a write error, (2) the main thread, in
         preparation to terminate the process, frees the output file name after
         an INT or TERM signal is delivered to it. This bug had negligible
         chance to occur, but it was fixed nonetheless.

Feature safe:   yes
Original commit
Friday, 5 Feb 2010
21:54 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.20
- Install manual page
- Support for PORTDOCS
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Sunday, 20 Dec 2009
18:57 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.19

Version: lbzip2-0.19
Focus:   Minor bugfixes
Date:    01-Dec-2009
Changes: This release works around a GNU/kFreeBSD standards-compliance problem.
         GNU/kFreeBSD does not define some STREAMS-related errno macros
         mandated by SUSv2. Consequently, lbzip2-0.18 cannot be built on
         GNU/kFreeBSD. This version checks if those (and some other) macros are
         defined before relying them.

Version: lbzip2-0.18
Focus:   Major feature enhancements
Date:    29-Nov-2009
Changes: After adding sanity checks to both decompressors, the following
         features were implemented: removal of input FILE operands; options
         --keep and --force; copying of owner, group, permission bits, access
         time, modification time to regular output files. Logging was cleaned
         up and internally categorized into INFO, WARNING and FATAL levels; a
         separate exit status was introduced for the case when a warning
         message was printed. The decompressor robustness tests were
         re-executed. The author has finally replaced bzip2 with lbzip2 on his
Original commit
Saturday, 31 Oct 2009
13:49 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.17

PR:             ports/139981 (based on)
Submitted by:   sylvio
Original commit
Thursday, 9 Apr 2009
22:27 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.15
Original commit
Sunday, 15 Mar 2009
20:41 gabor search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 0.14
Original commit
Monday, 9 Feb 2009
20:21 gabor search for other commits by this committer
A multi-threaded bzip2/bunzip2 filter that doesn't depend on the lseek()
system call and so isn't restricted to regular files.

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Number of commits found: 10