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non port: archivers/deutex/distinfo

Number of commits found: 5

Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021
11:20 kai search for other commits by this committer
archivers/deutex: Update to 5.2.2

Original commitRevision:562043 
Thursday, 15 Aug 2019
21:27 kai search for other commits by this committer
archivers/deutex: Update to 5.2.1


* "configure" was broken in 5.2.0 for systems without AsciiDoc installed. It
  now properly checks for "a2x" conditionally along with the possible
  "--disable-man parameter".
Original commitRevision:509056 
Friday, 9 Aug 2019
13:02 kai search for other commits by this committer
archivers/deutex: Update to 5.2.0 and unbreak

After many years of being dormant upstream has continued the development,
moved to GitHub and modernized the whole code base.

* Remove the patch for deutex.h that is no longer required. [1]
* Also take maintainership for a while.

Notable changes since the 4.4.0 release:

* Removed DeuSF binary and WinTex related features/options.

* PNG support added. If compiled in, it is the default extraction format,
  PPM otherwise.

* DeuTex can now build WADs with an arbitrary number of lumps, but prints a
  warning when more than 4046 are included (the Vanilla Doom limit).

* UDMF (Universal Doom Map Format) support.

* Real Autoconf and Automake build system to replace the barely-functioning
  imitation one.

* C99-style cleanups to use (u)intN_t types, bool, true, false throughout
  the code, replacing old defines. [1]
Original commitRevision:508451 
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
17:59 miwi search for other commits by this committer
- Get Rid MD5 support

With hat:       portmgr (myself)
Original commit
Tuesday, 20 Dec 2005
15:55 danfe search for other commits by this committer
Add deutex 4.4.0, an advanced WAD composer for games like Doom, Heretic,
Hexen, and Strife.

Original commit

Number of commits found: 5